Establish the following:
  1. A committee with a minimum 3 people
    • Commit 1 hour weekly for planning duites
    • Review and Post to the Intranet Discussion board weekly
    • Flexible in helping the committee as needed
  2. Set a date, time and location for the event in a timely manner for Blacksburg to send communication (webpage, email and postcard) on our behalf
  3. Establish an intranet for communicating online within the committee
  4. Connections with current VT students, high school professionals, previous attendees/scholarship winners, in the Richmond area
  5. Timelines and parameters for future events with a database for querying purposes
  6. Surveys and feedback from various stakeholders in the event.

The Alumni Relations (Chapter Team) will handle the following for the student sendoff events:

  1. Email Request, no individual chapter emails (speak with your liaision) - sent twice (May and July)
  2. Postcard mailer – sent twice (May and July)
  3. Sending the chapters a list of accepted freshmen in their area

Local Chapters will handle:

  1. Social Media & Chapter Webpage updates
  2. If applicable, personal Invitations to:
    1. Incoming Students
    2. Current Students
    3. Specific Alumni Identified by VTAA Chapter

Human Resource Planning:

  1. Vacanies--fill with urgency
  2. Attendance--require minimum rates
  3. Training--maintain committments to train volunteers
  4. Transitions--allow people a way to resign smoothly
Decision Making:
  1. SWOT
  2. Matrix
  3. Tree
  4. Pro & Cons
Tools: Free Version
  1. G-Suite
  2. Eventbrite
  3. SurveyMonkey
  4. Todoist (Templates: Goals & Feedback, Issue Tracking)
  5. Eztexting


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