Keys to a successful picnic1:

  1. Find a central location
  2. Plan ahead: Start at least 2 months prior to the date of the picnic
  3. Use social media for publicity
  4. Utilize a planning tool such as Google docs, evite etc
  5. Build up an email database. Using various sources & contacts.
  6. Keep up constant communications about the picnic. This helps the “fence sitters” make a decision.
  7. Have a variety menu. Have people sign up for appetizer/entrée/dessert etc using evite/google docs. They should be able to see what is taken and what is needed.
  8. Have some games handy.
  9. Ask about food allergies.
  10. Communicate, communicate, and communicate.

 1Courtesy of the Southeast Michigan Chapter


VTAA Chapter Chats2 PDFs 

Student Sendoff Part 1

Student Sendoff Part 2

 2Chapter Chats are Alumni Relations monthly discussions about topics to build a strong Alumni Chapter


Helpful hits for making the call: 

When making the calls, We recommend:

  1. Identify with the Richmond Chapter of the VA Tech Alumni Association. 
  2. Ask for the student first.
  3. Talk to the parent if the student is not there.
  4. Invite their student and family to a free picnic.
  5. Include the event date and time, along with the address of the event location.
  6. Emphasize that the event will have free food, guest speakers, and games. 


Team Team Lead
High School Seniors/Upcoming Freshman Emily Koth
Day of Event Volunteers Open
Current Students (Blacksburg) Caitlin McNitt
RVA Hokie Club/Parents of Corps of Cadets Open
Food and Logistics Open
High School Guidance Counselors Rashad Ferbee
Chairperson Eugene Pogue (Temporary)
Communications Madison Jones


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